“MAKING SARAH CRY”…inspired.

[SIDENOTE:] The poem you are about to read is one that I wrote after reading Making Sarah Cry in one of the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books. I was 15 years old when I did this. I remember how I felt the day I wrote the poem too. I’m not even going to lie…I thought I was so amazing and I was so proud of myself. Honestly, I just thought I was so damn clever! Obviously when I read it back now, there are so many phrases in it that I just want to re-word and change around…but I won’t. I don’t think it’s amazing as I thought back then, but I just wanted to share it anyway :)

She had just come home from another day
of hurting and crying in pain.
They didn’t see how their insults hurt,
they thought it was all a game.
They threw things at her, pushed her around
and laughed at her all day long.
They told her she would never be loved,
and that she just didn’t belong.
She came home crying everyday,
not knowing where to run.
She needed to talk this out,
but assumed she had no one.
She couldn’t take it anymore,
she’s going to put it all to an end.
She’s going somewhere so far away,
and won’t wake up to another day again.
She writes a note explaining everything,
and places it gently on a desk.
Then climbs upon it slowly
with a rope tied around her neck.
Crying softly to herself,
she sadly says goodbye.
And wishes she could have been strong enough
to give it one last try.
But sadly she couldn’t do it,
and she had taken one last breath.
It’s just too bad that all that cruelty,
had pushed her to her death.
A few minutes later her parents came home,
to find her hanging there.
They had no words, were completely in shock
and all they could do was stare.
They sobbed and sobbed til there were no more tears
and found her little note.
But suddenly began to cry again
at the words that she had wrote.
“Mother, father, please forgive me.
I didn’t know what to do.
But people just don’t understand
the pain that I go through.
I couldn’t take it anymore,
it was going way too far.
And I know you seeing me like this,
will leave a lifelong scar.
But just know that I love you both,
even though we’re now apart.
Just please never forget me,
and always keep me in your hearts.”
Those were her very final words
and it haunts her parents each day.
If only she could have realized,
she could have dealt with this another way.


2 thoughts on ““MAKING SARAH CRY”…inspired.

  1. Having read both poems, yours is undoubtedly comparable. You have talent, and, to be completely honest, I was left touched by your deep, thought-provoking words. Please continue writing. Both inspired me to start writing myself.

    • HI. Thank you so much for your kind words. It always leaves me feeling kind of strange when people comment on anything I write because I never feel like any of it is very good. However, with this poem in particular, I am always surprised because I wrote it when I was 15 and thought it was so amazing at the time. Now when I read it there is so much I want to change. Regardless, I appreciate the comment and I am so glad you felt inspired! :)

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